Sunday, March 26, 2017

Spring Cleaning

It was monumental facing the aftermath of years of accumulations.  Initial feeling was overwhelming and powerlessness.  But I dig in.  Slowly.  Take inventory.  Take control. Tossing and sorting.  Everyday is a new day.  Old must go in order for the new to have a chance.  

I climbed ladder to vacuum the ceiling and walls.  To scrap peeling paint.  To shine the mirrors and polish the furniture.  I emptied every drawer to sort through.  Taking breaks sipping tea and catching breath and news in between.   Among the delightful moment is the memorable one that I found the combination code for the lock I almost throw out.  

The tradition of house cleaning every year before Spring Festival in China was a thing I grew up with.  Pots pans must be polished, floor mopped, window washed, mirror shined, bedding aired------  It was a whole family's engagement.  I now see the point.  Life is a flow.  Keep up with it is essential.  

It does feel great.  To see how much you have done.  How far you have gone and what remain important still.  I have empty drawers and shelve space now.  I have empty room even.  I see the wisdom of my cat: rubbing her scent at every corner.  I am rubbing mine.  And by doing so I am making the space mine---for now.

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