Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Do we really need a reason to be happy?  

Not when a Huge one seater comfit sofa with ottoman presented itself to me as I walking down the aisle at IKEA the other day.  It looked as if i can be lost in it.  So defenseless and inviting that I let my whole body fall into it without much thinking.  "Ah life is good," I concluded put my feet up the ottoman big grin from ear to ear feeling the softness and generosity.  My head limped on the cushion rocking a little from side to side: "---happy---"

"YOU LOOK GOOD~!!"  a delightful cheering coming from a woman passing by with a cart full.  As if a kid caught playing hooky I burst out laughing.  I laughed so hard with such joy that must have mesmerized her: she ran into a couch with her cart while laughing with me.  " ---you--look--Good--too--"  I was choking as I spitted out those words.

Just like that a happy memory is ingrained.  A bond formed.  A day lightened.  

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