Monday, June 4, 2012


After a beautiful weekend art fair, now I am relaxed and recuperating and enjoy the fruit of my sweaty labor and years of continuing building up.

Year after year, people come and getting a piece of my presence and happily continuing their search for satisfaction and fulfillment.  Like our appetite for food is one essential survival urge that renewals itself, my customers appetite for my work is a source of my life's currency.  I am humbled by their tireless efforts and genuine  enthusiasm.  It is worth all the pain I have endured to get to them.  The setting up, breaking down, steamy heat or storming rain.  How else would I know true joy?

How else would I be so content and at ease in my couch legs up iPad in hand writing in my own pleasure?

It never fails to touch me deeply when I have a moment like this to reflect on just how incredibly fortunate my journey has taken me so far and how many countless people have influenced me both direct and indirectly through their means, deeds, and thoughts.

It is a great feeling to be grateful------

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Do we really need a reason to be happy?  

Not when a Huge one seater comfit sofa with ottoman presented itself to me as I walking down the aisle at IKEA the other day.  It looked as if i can be lost in it.  So defenseless and inviting that I let my whole body fall into it without much thinking.  "Ah life is good," I concluded put my feet up the ottoman big grin from ear to ear feeling the softness and generosity.  My head limped on the cushion rocking a little from side to side: "---happy---"

"YOU LOOK GOOD~!!"  a delightful cheering coming from a woman passing by with a cart full.  As if a kid caught playing hooky I burst out laughing.  I laughed so hard with such joy that must have mesmerized her: she ran into a couch with her cart while laughing with me.  " ---you--look--Good--too--"  I was choking as I spitted out those words.

Just like that a happy memory is ingrained.  A bond formed.  A day lightened.