Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I had updated my iPad, iPhone, and iMac last night.  Now they are working seamlessly through iCloud.  What a marvelous feeling.

This is the feeling closely resemble the feeling of reaching God.  Something is working miraculously beautiful beyond our understanding.  And we are somehow able to feel that working mechanism through a world that is vivid, limitless and ever evolving.  We made that world.  We are still making that world.  We are expending that world.  We fulfill our dreams by completely absorbed in it.  We are able to communicate with that world in the language that is exceeding 2 dimensions.  This is a big game.  The game men playing God.  Fun.  

I have finally started to accept and appreciate this game.  I have stepped up my play and jumped in.  I am still new.  And my curiosity is still my biggest portion of my involvement.  But men have inevitably evolved. The level has risen.  From an infant to adulthood.  How hopelessly beautiful, the never tired search for mastery in humanity.  The never ending journey towards answers.  It is in this regard that I am on board whole heartily.  I am inconsolably fortunate to be born at this place in this time.